Tuesday, May 25, 2010

NABCEP Certification

NABCEP is the abbreviation for North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners. As the name refers to it, NABCEP is a certification that the board gives to eligible energy providers in North America.

Certification generally means that a certifying organization gives recognition to professionals who meet a certain standard and have a certain level of qualification. The whole point of getting or giving a certification is that the general public gets to know, for sure, that the professional helping them is for certain capable of doing what his degrees and certificates say he can. To top it all off getting certified is not mandatory but a voluntary process. This further cements the fact that the professional who spends his time, energy and money on getting certified is a very dedicated and a genuine professional. Certification is available for all sorts of professionals in the United States, from doctors to bus drivers, from crane operators to energy providers.

There are numerous benefits to getting certified. Certification distinguishes the person who gets certified from his competitions in his specific field. Besides that the general public benefits by being better able to trust the people they hire, and can better judge their skill levels. Last but not the least is that certification improves the general perception of the public in favor of any profession helping bring professions to the fore front.

Keeping all these in mind the NABCEP certification has been designed by keeping professional credentials, testing standards developed by experts, valid stakeholder’s point of views and general eligibility in mind. It is a transparent yet challenging certification, designed to judge and gauge the skill levels of energy providers in general. It lists all the abilities and skills that a PV Installer should have. There are a certain set requirements that need to be met to be able to get NABCEP Certification. There are less than 40 NABCEP certified professionals in the state of Ohio. Ali Buttar is one of the 40 and works in YellowLite as a PV Installer.

The basic candidate for getting certified through NABCEP is the person responsible for installing energy systems like solar panels or PV systems. It can be a contractor, a foreman, a supervisor or other professionals directly or indirectly involved in the energy providers business.

NABCEP is a very beneficial to both the consumer and installers, it identifies qualified installers. It gives the consumer a choice between certified and uncertified practitioners. It validates the effort of the professional getting certified deeming him sincere and qualified. YellowLite has certified and trained professionals that ensure quality work and installations for their customers.